Ohrid Trout (Salmo letnica) - endemic fish in Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Ohrid Trout - Salmo letnica
Ohrid Trout is distinctively lake endemic fish, which develops and lives in deep water layers in Ohrid Lake. Taking into account the way of life and some features, experts differ three subtypes: Strushka, Pestanska and Summer trout.
The number and arrangement of dark and red spots on the body of the Ohrid trout varies. Black spots prevail along the sides and on the back; reds are relatively few and deployed along the sides.
Sexually immature trouts differ from sexually mature with lighter colored body and silver shine.
Sexual maturity of Ohrid trout is achieved at 4 to 5 years of age and it breeds in the winter months, from December to April. It can usually reach a length of 35-40 cm and about 400 to 500 grams of weight.
The offspring of the Ohrid Trout feeds exclusively with plankton organisms, while older individuals besides plankton also consume amphipods, isopods, insects, molluscs and other fish species.
Because of its quality and dominance in Ohrid Lake, it has always been the most interesting object for fishing, and that is the main reason why today it is endangered.

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