Cutleaf Teasel Plant (Dipsacus laciniatus)

Cutleaf Teasel Plant - Dipsacus laciniatus
Cutleaf Teasel is a perennial plant with prickly trunk up to 2 meters high. It has long leaves, overgrown with thistles that grow around the stem and form a cup which collects water from the rains. The flowers are at the top of the plant in the form of a ball with a lot of white spines.
Cutleaf Teasel grows also on dry and wet areas, abandoned fields and beside roads.

Medicinal Use of Cutleaf Teasel 

The root and above-ground sections of Cutleaf Teasel are used against strong sweating, urination, diarrhea and similar.
In Macedonia some people believe that this plant protects their homes from “bad magic”.
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